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Baker FridayPlus

Growth, Community, Opportunity

Baker 5J FridayPlus provides enriching extra-curricular activities throughout the year for Baker students in grades K-12. Through this program, initiated in 2016-17, we have been able to leverage the incredible variety of skills and resources community partners, volunteers, and Baker 5J staff offer to create unique experiences that enhance Baker 5J education. Violin lessons, coding, drumming, outdoor experiences, snowshoeing, creative writing projects, and STEM activities are just a few of the topics our students have explored. We look forward to working with an ever-expanding group of partners to offer a broad menu of opportunities for all ages. FridayPlus opportunities will be advertised through social media, ParentSquare, and schools in the Baker 5J District.


Parents are invited to use this website to access information about FridayPlus programs. Teachers, staff, community partners, and volunteers may submit proposals for new, innovative program ideas here as well. For more information about Friday Experience, please use the contact form below or contact us on Facebook at @BakerFridayPlus


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