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Experience Proposals Submitted Here

Please note: If your experience proposal plans to use any of the district's kitchens, you must also download and turn in this Kitchen Use Agreement Form with your online proposal submission!  

Friday Experiences consist of highly engaging activities. Some are targeted to select demographics while others are open. The following areas provide examples of what the District would support:

Intellectual Exploration:  Students will have a chance to explore different aspects of intellectual society.  Activities should provide students a chance to develop skills, vocabulary and appreciation of the intellectual world that is not typical of Baker City and to help them imagine new possibilities.


  • Travel to locations and/or activities such as universities, colleges, technical schools, museums, art galleries, symphonies, science centers, etc.

  • Puzzle master, game strategies that build intellectual capacity

  • Chess for Success or Chess Club

  • Junior Greatbooks

  • Explorations in film


Outdoor Exploration: Programs with a focus on broadening student access to and enjoyment of outdoor recreation activities.  Classes would incorporate teaching key skills and strategies, science-related concepts, activity-specific vocabulary and connections to lifetime interests.


  • Physical activities, such as hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, paddle boarding, geocaching, mountain biking, disc golf, trail running, fishing, archery

  • Wilderness experiences, such as wilderness first aid, survival strategies, orienteering, fly fishing, fire science, and mountaineering/rock climbing

  • Related activities such as photography, bird watching, tree identification  

  • Service Projects


Innovative Exploration: This would include activities that are more closely aligned with core curriculum, ideally with math, science and ELA components woven in. Focus on project-based hands-on activities.  


  • Film - iPads with iMovie make it incredibly easy to film and splice shots together. Students would learn the different shots, how to storyboard, and how to write a script.

  • STEM / STEAM / Engineering

  • Astronomy / Space Science

  • Lego Robotics / Robotics / Automation

  • Drones

  • Coding

  • Maker space

  • Music: Ukulele club, marimba club; music involving technology, e.g., iPads and Garageband


Traditional Explorations: Activities aligned with more traditional lifetime skills, ideally with math and ELA components incorporated.


  • Woodworking - Kids design, measure, and cut wood to make functional items (This could also be presented as an opportunity to have high school and middle school students serve as mentors to younger students)

  • Sewing classes

  • Cooking

  • Bike repair

  • Local history projects: interviewing and researching citizens to gather forgotten stories

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